As a teenager, I was dissatisfied. I thought that there must be more to life; that being human was more than just having a body and a mind. I decided that I needed to know more. What better way to know more about oneself, than to go within…

During my first meditation attempt, I spontaneously astral travelled to outer space. It was here that I felt at home. I equated “space” with “home”. I was free of my body and my soul soared! This conscious experience led me to question LIFE on Earth.

My intense desire to know myself and to master the mind – all through meditation – has been the key that has unlocked the door. Opening this door to the new world that I am living in NOW (HEAVEN ON EARTH) has taken much effort. Years of intense practise, determination and dedication on my chosen path.

You can read about my meditation and spiritual experiences in my book, “in search of TRUTH: An Indigo’s Spiritual Journey” available from Amazon. Click here for more information.

A yoga practitioner since 2000, I received my Yoga TTC200 Certification with Distinction in Raja Yoga in 2008 and my E-RYT Certification in 2014 (you can view my Yoga Alliance profile here). In 2017, I completed Sadie Nardini’s Yoga Shred™ Teacher Training course and I am Yoga Shred™-Trained.

Daily meditation since 2006 has been key to my life. I have attended numerous retreats and have practised Zen meditation, Vipassana meditation, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s IAM® Technique, as well as other forms.

All of this has been made possible by conscious food choices since 1990, and with multiple food intolerances the further refinement of my diet over the years has led me to a 70 – 80% raw food intake.

The increased energy that I have gained from eating “live” food resulted in the achievement of personal bests year-on-year in running, cycling and swimming. With a passion for food and how it interacts with the body, I decided to further my studies in nutrition and assist others on their personal journey with food.

In 2016, I studied BrainWorking Recursive Therapy and I am a Certified BWRT® Practitioner. Using BWRT® and other methods, it would be an honor and a pleasure to assist you to overcome any challenges, help you to establish a sense of purpose, and/or achieve balance in your life… body, mind and soul. For those wishing to expand and deepen their journeys, retreats are available.

For a detailed list of qualifications and certifications, click here.